NN changed me. Not trying to sound cliche at all but it really did. The chaos and partly unorganized festival made sense. It resembled what life can be like--crazy but beautiful. In the center of the redwoods you find yourself among hundreds of easy going, down to earth humans that just want to connect. To put away all the bullsh*t and open their mind to experience their surroundings and each other for exactly what they are. I was new to NN this summer and there is no doubt in my mind I will be coming back again to live and learn from the people and atmosphere that filled my heart and soul. - Laurel, San Francisco

As a first timer at this amazing festival I was so surprised at how welcoming the whole community was. After setting up the camp site and making our way through the festival to the river, all I could think is this is surreal. Large redwoods, with this amazing body of water, tucked away in the most secluded valley, this festival is heaven for those who are looking for an escape from the norm. If I had to rate this festival, it would be a 10 out of 10. When the sun goes down the redwoods turn up, with so many different artists and genres, there is nothing like it in the world. NNMF, an experience you will never forget. - Dylan, Lake Forest

Went for the music and came back with so much more. Northern nights somehow manages to provide a sense of community that no other festival can match. You are encouraged to be your full uninhibited self and are not only accepted but celebrated for it. Northern nights also happens to be held in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the festival is fully committed to being environmentally friendly so we can continue to enjoy this beautiful space. - Austin, El Dorado Hills