Cook’s Valley Campground is a festival site unlike any other. It is a rare gem; a breathtaking locale that amazingly juxtaposes a sense of remoteness with surprisingly easy accessibility. Adjacent to US Highway 101 on the border of Humboldt & Mendocino counties, just 3.5 hours north of San Francisco, Cooks Valley is tucked along the Eel River under towering Redwood trees. The festival grounds feature deep swimming holes, the largest Redwood grove used for camping, and plenty of space to stretch out. Northern Nights Music Festival is a unique and safe experience for both newcomers and seasoned campers.



83950 Road 442E, Piercy, CA 95587

Only 190 miles north of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Cooks Valley Campground is easily accessible from US Highway 101. The festival entrance will be well marked and you won’t miss it!

From the South:

Pass the Second sign for Piercy and you are only three miles away. Look for the festival signs, Northern Nights is on your right.

From the North:

Pass through Richardson Grove State Park and you are only one mile away. Look for festival signs, Northern Nights is on your left.


Friends don’t let friends ride alone!
Northern Nights is committed to acting sustainably and encouraging thoughtful decisions. Participating in carpooling or ridesharing is one of many ways YOU can share this commitment and lead by example. Thus, we urge you to travel with one another and enjoy the incredible sights along Highway 101 together.

The Northern Nights Sustainability Squad is implementing a Ridesharing Initiative in 2017. To encourage carpooling and ridesharing, there will be a standard parking fee of $20 per car that will be waived for vehicles with 3 or more passengers in the car.

Your contributions will be used to continue improving the Northern Nights Sustainability Initiative. It’s a win-win for everyone and the environment! Thanks for your ongoing support.

Parking is available onsite for $20 and is designated on a first-come, first-served basis UNLESS you have previously purchased an RV or Car Camping upgrade. Purchase an upgrade here!


  • Northern Nights spans three days, July 14th – 16th 2017.
  • Northern Nights goes on rain or shine. No refunds or exchanges.
  • Northern Nights is strictly 18+ to attend and 21+ to drink. Bring your ID.
  • Gates open at 10AM July 14th 2017. Campers must leave by 10AM Monday July 17th.
  • Attendees and vehicles will be searched upon entering Northern Nights.
  • Experienced security and medical staff are available around the clock.
  • Northern Nights is not responsible for any items lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Schedule changes, including lineups and set times, might happen.
  • Each person at the event must have a ticket and be wearing a Northern Nights wristband.
  • Wristbands are void if removed or altered.



  • Buy tickets in advance! Northern Nights will sell out.
  • Arrive on time! Gates open 10am Friday. There is no early entry.
  • Pack your ID! Northern Nights is strictly 18+ to attend and 21+ to drink.
  • Bring camping gear, snacks, and lots of water.
  • You can cook! You may bring a small portable camp stove to use carefully at your campsite.
  • Come prepared for changing weather. It might be HOT! It could be cold.
  • Wear your festival wristband at all times. It is void if removed or tampered with.
  • Lead by example.
  • Be courteous to your neighbors!
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Be kind.


  • No bad attitudes.
  • Northern Nights is happening rain or shine! No refunds if it rains.
  • Don’t arrive early. The party doesn’t start until Friday and there is no early entry.
  • All burning is prohibited, including fireworks, fire dancing, BBQs, and campfires.
  • Fire dancing is not allowed. Please understand this is due to extreme fire danger.
  • Fireworks create unnecessary fire hazards and are strictly and expressly prohibited.
  • Pets are not allowed anywhere at Northern Nights.
  • Unauthorized vending is prohibited. Only pre-approved roaming vendors are allowed.
  • Guerilla sound systems and unauthorized amplified speakers will be confiscated.
  • Unauthorized professional recording and photography gear will be confiscated.
  • Non-motorized bicycles, mopeds, golf carts, vespas, and all other unauthorized motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Glass is not allowed anywhere within the festival and will be confiscated.
  • If you are caught littering you will be publicly shamed and ridiculed.
  • Don’t bring illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, fireworks or explosives, weapons, BBQs, laser pointers, dogs, fire, or kids under 18.


  • Bring camping gear, snacks and water, reusable cup, plate, and reusable water bottle.
  • Pack your eco-friendly sunscreens and soaps including shampoo.
  • Be kind to your skin! Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and any other sun protection.
  • Click to open a copy of this Festival Camping Checklist


  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Refunds will not be issued. Northern Nights is a rain or shine event.
  • Minimum age for admission is 18 years old. Proof of age is required at check-in.
  • Wristbands will be available at box office check in and are valid from 10AM Friday, July 14th through 10AM Monday, July 17th.
  • The General Admission ticket includes free first-come, first-served camping and access to all stages.
  • The VIP ticket includes free first-come, first-served camping and access to all stages, VIP swag, VIP happy hour, VIP viewing deck, VIP lounge access with massage, and VIP express lane for silent disco!


Northern Nights works hard to create an environment that is accessible to all festival guests.

  • The Northern Nights grounds are full of natural beauty with towering Redwoods, an amazing meadow and the Eel River within Cooks Valley Campground. Northern Nights strives to make the festival grounds as accessible as possible. Please be aware that the grounds may be rocky and un-level in some places. If you feel that you will need assistance getting around the festival grounds please make arrangements by contacting
  • Northern Nights will provide ADA patrons and one companion access to an elevated viewing platform. Guest must make arrangements by emailing
  • Northern Nights does not have a designated ADA camping area.
  • Northern Nights will have accessible restrooms located throughout the festival grounds.
  • Guests with mobility disabilities are welcome to use motorized wheelchairs and three or four wheeled scooters. Guests may NOT use personal golf carts, all terrain vehicles, two wheeled scooters or motorbikes.
  • Any further questions that are not answered please contact
For more information, please visit the American With Disabilities Act website at


  • Amplified sound and guerrilla sound systems will be shut down and confiscated.
  • Motorized vehicles including moped, golf cart, vespa, and other similar vehicles.
  • Professional recording and photography gear. Contact for the proper credentials.
  • Outside solicitations including handbills, samples, giveaways, and unauthorized vending.
  • Please demonstrate respect for everyone participating in Northern Nights by not bringing the following prohibited items:
    • Weapons are obviously not allowed and not tolerated.
    • Fire and fireworks create unnecessary fire hazards and are strictly and expressly prohibited.
    • Due to extremely high fire danger, all burning is prohibited, including fireworks, campfires, BBQs and fire dancing.
    • Glass is not allowed anywhere within the festival and will be confiscated. Plan accordingly.
** Please note ** Northern Nights Staff are instructed to confiscate any prohibited items, including glass containers, knives or anything deemed a weapon, unauthorized video or audio recording equipment, unauthorized professional cameras, pets, aerosol cans, drugs or drug paraphernalia, unauthorized solicitations, handbills, samples or giveaways.

What time does the gate open?
10am Friday, July 14th

Are there showers available?
Hot showers will be available. Price TBD.

Does it get cold at night?
We recommend bringing layers as temperatures drop to low 50’s at night.

When does the music go until?
Main Stage music goes until 2am each night, live sets on the Redwood Stage go throughout the night the Silent Disco continues until sunrise each day

Is there free drinking water or should i bring my own?
There is free drinking water available onsite
Fill your reusable water bottle at a water bar or hydration station and enjoy free delicious purified drinking water all weekend
It’s never a bad idea to bring a few extra gallons of water for your campsite

Does my ticket include camping?
Yes, all tickets include free camping. High demand camping areas will be filled on a first come first served basis however all ticket holders are guaranteed on-site camping with the purchase of their ticket.

I’m having a ticketing question or issue.
Email us at

Can I bring a camp stove?
Yes, small propane stoves appropriate for camping are allowed. Propane or charcoal BBQ grills are NOT allowed. Open flames are not permitted.



We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as it’s other creatures do.” – Barbara Ward

It is easy to forget our influential role in our ecosystems. Ecosystems are composed of living and non-living entities, and can be massive (on the scale of a solar system) or tiny (one drop of water). Northern Nights exists in a diverse ecosystem that ranges from Redwoods to rocks to endangered salmon. Bald eagles often appear, as do river otters, and the occasional hippy. The Cooks Valley ecosystem is not only diverse, but also sensitive to disturbance.

South Fork Eel

Running through the campground is the South Fork Eel River, draining fresh water through steep and rugged forested canyons before finally meeting the Pacific Ocean 65 miles to the northwest. The Eel River Watershed is the third largest in California and is of utmost importance, not just to the wild animal and plant communities, but also to humans across the state.


  • TAC Strange but true! Improper wipeage of nether-regions leads to contamination of the river. Northern Nights has a solution; the TRACELESS A$$ CAMPAIGN (TAC). It’s laughable, but a good laugh makes it memorable and this message is important to remember.
  • Pee Free The fish do it, but we’re people, not fish. Respect the natural ecosystem balance and DO NOT pee in the river. Restrooms are located conveniently nearby.
  • Don’t Leak Leaking fluids could end up in the river. Before leaving home, look under your car for leaks. If you suspect a leak but can’t get it fixed, bring a piece of cardboard to put under the vehicle to catch drips. All vehicles will be checked for leaks when entering the festival. If you know you have a leak, tell us!
  • Pack Your Trash Packing out your trash when you depart and and disposing of it appropriately off site is on of the most responsible actions you can take!
  • Eco Friendly Products Use biodegradable and eco-friendly products in the sinks and showers. Many brands are commercially available and inexpensive.



Northern Nights is honored to receive a Commended Award from UK based A Greener Festival. A Greener Festival is a non-profit company committed to helping music and arts events and festivals around the world adopt environmentally efficient practices. With only four US festivals receiving 2014 awards , we are extremely proud to shine in the company of BonnarooLIB, and Beloved.

Community minded

Northern Nights invests in the community. Current and past community partners include Eel River Recovery Project, Friends of the Eel River, Healthy Planet US, KMUD Community Radio, Leggett Valley Unified School District, Piercy Volunteer Fire Department, Salmonid Restoration Federation, Sanctuary Forest Land Trust, Southern Humboldt Community Park, and Southern Humboldt Schools Foundation.

“Boundaries don’t protect rivers, people do.” – Brad Arrowsmith

South Fork Eel River has supported mixed-use human activities for many generations and holds special historical and cultural significance for native Indian groups. The myriad uses of South Fork, including recreation, gravel extraction, agriculture, and music festivals, is possible only because each participating group implements sustainable actions to ensure the health and cleanliness of the river for everyone else.It is an honor to share with you this sacred bend along South Fork Eel River. Northern Nights is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the environment encompassed by Cook’s Valley Campground and Northern Nights Music Festival.