Experience the Magic of the Grove

Welcome to the Grove, where magic and wonder abound, where folks fall in love under grandiose trees, nestled in a snug and cozy nook where an abundance of discoveries are waiting to be found. 

This year we sail away to an extraordinary world under the sea, a sunken land of mystery, where watery wonders excite all the senses. Deep in this sea lie many a treasure… amongst the flotsam and wreckage, the Dread Pirate Puss’s enchanted ship still sails while lavish experiences await.


Practice yoga all day in the cool dappled light, release and relax with a soothing massage! Immerse yourself in the Mermaids Grotto and you may never leave, the Octopussy Tea Lounge and Coral Reef Barrrr will quench the thirstiest of crew. Dock up at Redwood Roots stage for an all night gathering of musical discoveries and Sultry Sirens performing Burlesque. Visit the Aquatic Garden Art Gallery, the Captains lounge or climb aboard the Light Heart Pussycat Purrrl pirate ship if ye dare!