Bloom Farms Presents Yoga in the Grove

Northern Nights is excited for Bloom Farms to be presenting Yoga in the Grove for 2017! Imagine starting your mornings lying on your yoga mat looking up at the sunshine breaking through the branches of the redwood giants. Or taking a break from the hot afternoon heat to cool down and zen out under the shade of the Grove. And with the  mantra of "relaxation, relief, creativity and fun", Bloom Farms is the perfect match for getting your namaste on.

So who is Bloom Farms and what are they all about?

Our mission is to bring safe and enjoyable medicine to patients who use medical cannabis as part of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Along the way, we’re out to remove the negative social stigmas of cannabis. Sustainably farmed and responsibly made, our products are beautifully designed around our mantra: relaxation, relief, creativity and fun. At Bloom Farms, we believe in living life to its fullest. We're here to bring a healthy perspective to life with cannabis.

Yoga and meditation classes will be held throughout the weekend between the hours of 9:15am and 6:00pm and are a definite not-to-be-missed part of Northern Nights, so make sure to pack your yoga mat!

Here's who will be teaching this year:

"It’s easy to see how this can be an ideal place for yoga, beneath a natural cathedral of mighty redwood trees." - Huffington Post

If you haven't gotten your tickets to Northern Nights Music Festival yet, grab them now before they're sold out: