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As the festival approaches, it’s time to start planning out your roadtrip! Whether you’re coming from North or South of Northern Nights, check out our top picks for places to stop along Highway 101 as you #makethejourney:

Golden Gate Bridge

We’ll start with the obvious.  You definitely shouldn’t miss out on snapping some pictures of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, but make sure to get the best view of it from Marin Headlands. Take 101 North and cross the bridge. After the bridge take the Sausalito/Alexander Ave exit and turn immediately left onto Alexander Ave and cross under the freeway. Keep driving on Alexander Ave and take a right to Conzelman Rd. Drive uphill until you come to a small parking lot on your left. Park your car there (free parking!). Then, follow the path towards the Golden Gate Bridge and it takes you to an old military bunker. You can’t beat this view.

Healdsburg, CA

If you love wine, this is definitely worth the stop, because Healdsburg is wine paradise! This charming town is centrally located to over 100 world-class wineries and tasting rooms, so it’s the perfect place to discover all the best that Sonoma County wine country has to offer. Visitors often compare it to Tuscany! Our favorite is White Oak Winery which is nestled in the heart of Alexander Valley and is the perfect stop for some wine tasting and picnicking amongst a beautiful backdrop.

Address: 7505 CA-128, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Vichy Mineral Springs Resort

This 160-year old historic hot springs resort offers the only naturally warm and carbonated "Vichy" mineral baths in North America.  You can soak in carbonated 90° mineral baths or 104° pool for only $35 for up to two hours or spend the whole day there for $65.

Address: 2605 Vichy Springs Rd, Ukiah, CA 95482


Peg House

They don’t have the saying “Never Don’t Stop at the Peg House” for no reason. Grab one of their top-rated burgers hot off the grill and sit back and enjoy some outdoor live music.

Address: 69501 US-101, Leggett, CA 95585

One Log

Come see a house hollowed out of a 2100 year old redwood tree! This 7 foot high and 32 foot long house, created in 1946, includes living, dining, and bedrooms areas.  Plus this “original tiny house” only costs $1 to view and it’s a mile down the road from Northern Nights!

Address: 705 US-101, Garberville, CA 95542


Avenue of the Giants

This is a definite “must see” and only 15 minutes from Northern Nights! This is a 31 mile scenic drive on the old Highway 101, which runs parallel to the current Highway 101 for about 31 miles.  It winds through endless groves of massive redwood trees, 51,222 acres of redwood groves to be exact. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera! 

North end: US 101 near Stafford

South end: US 101 near Phillipsville


Loleta Cheese Factory

If you love cheese, you can’t miss out on this stop! Here Eel River Valley Cream is turned into dozens of cheese varieties. You can watch the cheesemakers at work and, best of all, try samples!

Address: 252 Loleta Dr, Loleta, CA 95551


Historic Eagle House

If you are looking for a place to stay overnight, the Inn at 2nd and C just opened May 8th and is located in the old Eagle House, a historic Victorian hotel first opened in 1886. Once inside, you will be enchanted by the Old World feel and modern flair.

Address: 139 2nd Street, Eureka, CA 95501

Redwood National & State Parks

Home to the tallest trees on earth! But there’s more to do here than meets the eye! Drive to Klamath River Overlook to watch gray whale migration, hang out with some Roosevelt Elk in Elk Meadow on Davison Drive, or explore Enderts beach at low tides to see a myriad of multi-colored tidepool creatures.


We are beyond excited to announce our GLAMPING options for this year! No need to pitch a tent or unroll your sleeping bag, you can experience the beautiful landscape of Northern Nights without sacrificing luxury. Experience the positive aspects of camping without the "uncomfortable" negatives that come with it. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you're in the right place!


If you are flying in from around the world or just don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up your own camp, we’ve got you covered. Anywhere Outpost is providing an exclusive, luxury experience to complement the Northern Nights Music Festival amongst northern California’s luscious redwood groves and Eel River.

Your AO wristband will allow access into the camp, private tents, AO Lounge Tent and communal grill. The camp will provide water, a 24/7 concierge service, and bistro lighting to provide comfort all day and all night. The Lounge Tent offers games, beverages, a speaker system and breakfast, among other amenities.  From basic to baller, Anywhere Outpost is offering the following packages:

POST UP - $696

  • 1 queen bed (sleeps 2) featuring a mattress, Brooklinen sheets and Down Comforter
  • Bath towels for 2
  • Lantern
  • 24/7 Concierge Service
  • Morning Coffee
  • 2 AO Camp Wristbands giving you access to Lounge Tent - Games, Camp Grill, H2O (Hot & Breezy), Goodies & Lounge!

POST UP FOR 4 - $1200

  • 2 queen bed (or 4 twin beds) featuring a mattress, and Brooklinen bedding/down comforter
  • Bath towels for 4
  • Lantern
  • 24/7 Concierge Service
  • Morning Coffee
  • 4 AO Camp Wristbands giving you access to Lounge Tent - Games, Camp Grill, H2O (Hot & Breezy), Goodies & Lounge!

Lounge in privacy while being just steps from the excitement, music, river!  Plus, you'll have access to nearby hot showers and dedicated restrooms!

Make sure you buy your Northern Nights tickets separately, because they are not included in the package.


Trailermade pic 2.jpg

Imagine waking up in a vintage camper steps from the festival. Sing your heart out and snuggle up in luxury of your beautifully curated Trailer or Camper Van by being a part of Tribe Camp 2017! Trailermade has thoughtfully created the following festival packages for you:


9 TO NEVER - $2875

  • Vintage Camper Van
  • Sleeps 2 people with one bed
  • Fresh linens
  • Kitchenette
  • 3 night rental
  • Delivery of trailer
  • Access to nearby hot showers and dedicated restrooms

THE FUN CLUB - $3220

  • Fresh linens
  • Kitchenette
  • AC
  • Bathroom/Shower
  • 3 night rental
  • Delivery of trailer
  • Welcome Kit
  • Stocked Fridge
  • Commode removal during festival
  • Host on site


  • Airstream
  • Sleeps 4 people with 2 beds
  • Fresh linens
  • Kitchenette
  • AC
  • Bathroom/Shower
  • 3 nights rental
  • Delivery of trailer
  • Welcome Kit
  • Stocked Fridge
  • Commode removal during festival
  • Community area/Activities
  • Host on site
  • Drinks included, alcoholic and non

Make sure you buy your Northern Nights tickets separately, because they are not included in the package.


Northern Nights has teamed up with JUCY to offer NN17 attendees the access to JUCY Camper Vans at a special rate for the festival weekend. The package includes a ton of free inclusions for the weekend. Their sweet deal includes:

  • 4-night van rental
  • Express entry into the festival
  • Basic Insurance
  • 100 miles a day free
  • Bedding kit for two
  • Kitchen kit for only $599 - Their van sleeps four so that’s only $150 each for your comfort.  

Package also includes access to nearby hot showers and dedicated restrooms!

BONUS EARLYBIRD SPECIAL – Book before March 31st to get FREE early bird pick up and late drop off worth $110!

Make sure you buy your Northern Nights tickets separately, because they are not included in the package.

See something that tickles your fancy? Book now so you don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the fun of camping with the luxuries of home! See ya in July!


Imagine waking up and walking out of your tent into the middle of a Redwood grove.  Imagine doing yoga in the shade of these massive beauties and looking up from your yoga mat at the blue sky peaking through the highest leaves of these giants.  Imagine listening to an acoustic set and having the sound reverberate off of the massive red trunks that surround you.  This is the setting of Northern Nights Music Festival every year and since we are so moved by being amongst these red giants, we figured we’d share the love with you with some reasons why they are so incredible!


1.  Coast Redwoods can only be found in one place on earth.  

Right here.  Yep, they can only be found along the Pacific Coast, spanning from Big Sur to Southern Oregon.  And what’s smack in the middle of that?  You guessed it!  The home of Northern Nights!

Their cousins:  The Giant Sequoias grow only in a strip of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and are actually shorter (but heftier) than our Redwoods.  The “Dawn Redwoods”, a small group of meta Sequoia, only grow in a remote area of Central China and are one-third the size of our Redwoods.

2. Redwoods create their own precipitation!  

Redwoods require an incredible amount of water to be able to survive and it’s very difficult to transport groundwater all the way up to their highest leaves.   So what do they do?   They create their own rain!   Thanks to their specially shaped leaves, they take up to 45% of their water right out of the air from coastal fog.  The remaining fog then drips down to nourish the roots.  However, with Northern California no longer in a drought, it looks like the Redwoods won’t have to fight so hard anymore for that precious water.

3.  Redwoods are survivalists when it comes to earthquakes.  

You would think that since many of these trees live in earthquake central, that they would have a hard time surviving the shifts of the earth.  However, they have learned a survival technique.  When the earth shifts, causing the trees to lean, they are able to accelerate their growth on their downhill sides, creating reinforcement on their weaker sides and preventing further lean.

4. Redwoods trees are much much older than we are.  

Humans have only been on this earth for 200,000 years.  But the Redwoods?  They have been around for 20 million years.  And not only that, but their relatives date back to the Jurassic Era – 160 million years ago.  A single Redwood can reach up to 2,000 years of age, regularly reaching 600 years, and can grow up to 300 feet tall.  In fact, they can grow their first 100 feet within their first 50 years.  Makes you suddenly feel much smaller, doesn’t it?

5.  The Coast Redwood tree has another name with a very cool meaning. 

It has an official Latin name – sequoia sempervirens.  The tree got its name from the Cherokee scholar Sequoya who was the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet.  And sempervirens?  It means “always green”.


See you in the Redwoods in July!

Buy your tickets now! www.northernnights.org/tickets


2017 hasn’t brought any sunshine, literally and figuratively, but it has allowed for everyone and everything to take a step back and get cleansed, fill up and get ready for the sunshine that will come this summer.

The weather in Southern Humboldt/Northern Mendocino, California (the home of Northern Nights Music Festival) has been no different than the rest of the area, but with the rain flowing and the reservoirs being filled, NNMF is gonna be more than ready when you return!

It’s official, the drought is over in NorCal! This summer, the mighty Eel River will be higher than ever during Northern Nights July 14-16, 2017.


You heard that right!  Garberville got some snow recently and considering their average annual snowfall is 0.1 inches, it was a pretty big deal.




To celebrate the 5th year of Northern Nights Music Festival, NNMF will be broadcasting “LIVE FROM THE ONE-LOG HOUSE” on December 21st starting at 6pm with interviews, exclusive mixes, and reliving the past 4 years of Northern Nights.  The One Log House is a historic Redwood Tree that was hollowed out in 1946 and turned into the first “tiny home”!  It is located 8 miles south of Garberville at the Humboldt / Mendocino border and only one mile down the road from the site of Northern Nights!

Hope you can tune in or join us at the One-Log on the Winter Solstice to see what's happening inside!